What is NOVADO ?

NOVADO is the house of comfortable, stylish & quality genuine leather footwear with great value for both men and women. You may also find products like trendy & fashionable genuine leather bags, jackets, and accessories that are exclusively designed and handcrafted to meet your style standards at very affordable prices. We offer pre-made as well as custom order facilities to fulfill your requirements to wear fashionable items for defining your personality.

Why should I use NOVADO?

NOVADOO manufactures every item listed on our website by keeping the new trends and durability factors in mind. You may find a huge variety of fashion products here on NOVADO that give you the liberty to choose a product by your size, favorite color and exchange facility.

(NOTE: Terms and conditions may apply)

How can I make purchases?

The process is very simple! Just create your account, set up your profile and start looking for the fashion products that we’ve listed. If you wish to purchase something, simply browse that product and add it to cart then proceed to checkout page using Cash on delivery, your credit/debit card or bank account information.

Do I need to register?

Yes! As long as you need to purchase something from our listed products, you would need to register an account using the ‘Create an Account’ option on the top right corner. But if you wish to navigate the website as an anonymous user to checkout our products, you do not require any account.

Is it safe to share my personal information on NOVADOO?

Yes! We use SSL certificate to protect your personal
information and all the details that you provide either during account
registration process or when purchasing something. Everything that you share
with us is kept confidential and only used for certain objectives that are
defined in our ‘Privacy Policy’ section. We’d suggest you to read our policies
before continuing your usage of NOVADOO.

I lost my password, what should I do?

If you don’t remember your password then click on ‘Lost
my password’ option on login page. This would lead you to another page where
you may enter the email address that you used during registration process. Once
you submit the email address, an email would be sent to you for resetting the
password. Set a password that you could remember and no one else could guess.

I want to change my "E-mail address, how?

Simple! You need to login to your account using your
login credentials and head over to ‘My account’ section. Enter the new email
address and give your password for proceeding to next page. You’ll receive a
confirmation email for changing your email, simply click on it and you’re done.

I don’t want to register an account; can I still use NOVADO?

You don’t need to register an account with us as long as
you don’t want to purchase anything. But if you wish to buy any product, you’d
be required to register an account with us.

How can I purchase aproduct?

If you wish to purchase something listed on NOVADO,
simply click on the size, select desired color and click on ‘Add to card.’ On
the next page, review your order and checkout to place your order request.
You’ll also be notified about the order via email containing details along with
order number for future reference.

I liked a product but don’t want to purchase it now.

Simple! You may add those products on your ‘Wish list’
using that heart icon underneath ‘Add to cart’ button on each product page.

I’m concerned about the size of the product, can you help?

Each wearable product has a size chart for your help to
choose the best fit. Simply click on the size that fits you or you may refer to
our size chart located at the footer section to find the right size conversion
before placing an order. You may also reach the chart by clicking here!

Can I purchase multiple products at a time?

Yes, you may order multiple products at the same time!
Just add those products on cart and proceed to the checkout page. Check your
credentials and make sure you gave the right shipping address and that’s it.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes! We do accept custom orders and you may request your
desired products by writing us at support@Novado.com.pk
Keep in mind that custom order requests are entertained differently in
comparison to listed products with respect to their manufacturing time and
delivery process.

How can I pay for my purchases?

Currently, we offer Cash on Delivery, accept credit/debit
cards, bank wire, and Easy Pay for purchases made within Pakistan and you can
get deliveries in said time at your doorsteps.

How long do I have to wait for my order?

All domestic orders are processed within 3-7 working days
once they are dispatched from our warehouse. In case of any issue, you may
contact us on +923373179600 or write us at support@Novado.com.pk.

What is your delivery process?

Once you place an order, we pass your order details to
packing department. After processing your request, we dispatch your order and
send it over the given address. The shipping takes about 3-7 business days for
all domestic orders within Pakistan.

Do I have to pay forthe shipping?

All orders that value more than PKR 2000/- are shipped
FREE OF CHARGE within the Pakistan. But if your order is less than that amount
then you’d have to bear an extra charge of PKR 300 for all cities that are
included in your order. For deliveries outside of the country we charge courier
cost at actual based on the selection of courier.

I want to return a faulty product, how?

Please refer to our Privacy policy

Can I have refund for my purchases?

Please refer to our ‘Privacy Policy’

Do you offerre placement against faulty products?

Please refer to our ‘Privacy Policy’

I want to cancel my order, is it possible?

Nope! Once the order is processed and dispatched on the
provided address, you may not cancel your order. But if it is still in process,
you remain the right to cancel your placed orders either by contacting us on
+923373179600 or canceling the order through your user account.

Can I track my orderonce it’s placed?

Yes! When you place an order, an Order ID is assigned to
you via email to track your order’s status. In case of any issue, you may call
our customer care and know the status of your order using that Order ID.