About Us

Experience of  Novado

Since our establishment in 1986, Novado has been a pioneer in the online E-commerce platform, proudly standing as Asia's largest leather manufacturer. Our mission is to become the world's foremost and environmentally friendly leader in leather production, specializing in garments, bags, and shoes.

 We are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services while minimizing the environmental impact of our supply chain. Through innovative Research and Development (R&D) activities, we aim to offer our customers the latest industry trends, emphasizing high-quality, functionality, and economic sustainability

Our Mission

At Novado, we are committed to staying ahead of ever-changing design concepts, ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. Our focus on sustainability, coupled with a commitment to excellence, positions us as a global leader in the leather industry.

Our Vision

It's great to see Novado's commitment to being a leader in the leather industry with a focus on environmental sustainability. Clearly outlined missions like yours can serve as a guiding force for the company's activities. Here are a few suggestions to refine and enhance your vision statement.


LWG stands for Leather Working Group, and an LWG audit refers to an assessment conducted by the Leather Working Group to evaluate the environmental compliance and sustainability performance of leather manufacturers and related facilities. The LWG is a multi-stakeholder initiative that was established in 2005 to develop and maintain a protocol for assessing and certifying the environmental performance of leather production.
I have purchased numerous items from Novado over the past several years, and I must commend the consistently high quality of their leather products. The softness and comfort of their leather are unparalleled, making each piece a pleasure to wear. The trendy and well-crafted designs of their jackets, pants, and bags reflect a keen sense of fashion.

Fatima Hashmi

Novado excels not only in crafting top-quality goods but also in staying ahead of the latest trends. Their designs are not only fashionable but also showcase meticulous attention to detail. I wholeheartedly recommend Novado to anyone seeking a perfect blend of style and comfort.

Abdullah Mailk

I highly recommend Novado for anyone seeking top-tier leather goods. Their commitment to quality is evident in every product, and I believe their prices are exceptionally competitive for items of such superior quality. Novado has become my go-to destination for leather fashion, and I trust their products for both style and durability.

Kamran Ali